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All American Gymnastics & Super Ninja makes every effort to ensure that our facility is a safe and secure environment for all students, customers, spectators and staff.  We have developed a safety response plan with the assistance of local law enforcement which includes staff training. 

Ongoing staff training includes an annual review of AAG’s safety response plan and semi-annual training for all staff as well as yearly 4E intruder training for all management and lead staff members.


Please review the information below which will allow you to help keep AAG a safe and secure environment.


Staying Informed

AAG Family Portal is used to push out phone calls, emails and/or text messages in the event of an emergency at the gym.

Keep your Information Updated

  • It’s important to keep your contact information updated so we can contact you in the event of an emergency. Login to the Family Portal here to update your contact information and ensure you have allowed permission for email, call and text messages from AAG.

Other Sources of Emergency Information

  • At times, emergency communications will also be available on our Facebook page @aagstl1


Safety Measures

Safety Measures at AAG include:

  • Yearly Employee Background Checks

  • Interior and exterior security cameras

  • Office panic buttons

  • Walkie Talkie Communication devices throughout the gym and office

  • Intruder training for all employees

  • Crisis Response Plan

  • Emergency response procedures and training for staff

  • Partnerships and frequent planning with local police, fire and emergency medical services


Emergency Response Guide

All American Gymnastics & Super Ninja uses a color coded alert system to notify staff, customers, spectators and students of the need to respond to an immediate emergency inside or outside the gym. Please see below for more detailed information regarding AAG's procedures.

Code Red:  A code red occurs when there is an immediate threat.  This may involve a weapon, an intruder or any event in which students, customers, spectators and staff may be endangered. 

A Code Red announcement is made in plain language so that all students, customers, spectators and staff can evade [shelter in a safe place] or escape out of the facility.  All gym activities cease and 911 is called.  All students, customers, spectators and staff remain under a Code Red until released by law enforcement.

Code Yellow (Lockdown):  A Code Yellow (lockdown) is a temporary measure designed to prevent unauthorized persons or visitors from entering the building. During Code Yellow, all exterior doors are locked, and the main entrance is monitored by management. All current gym activities will continue as normal until further notice from management. It is most commonly used when a law enforcement incident is actively occurring outside the building. Depending on the specific incident, students, customers, spectators and staff may be required to remain in the gym for an extended period of time until the all clear is by law enforcement and/or management.


Code Blue (Medical Emergency): If a medical emergency occurs in which assistance is needed in the gym or viewing area, management may call a code blue to indicate that AAG’s medical emergency protocol be put in place.


Code Orange (Weather Emergency): A Severe Weather Alert is used when students, customers, spectators and staff need to take cover due to severe weather such as a Tornado Warning.


Code Green (All Clear): A Code Green (All Clear) is used when the emergency response is canceled.  Code Green is the normal (safe) condition we are in every day.  Wait for additional instructions from a recognized management or law enforcement. When directed to do so, normal activity can resume.


What Parents Need to Know During an Emergency

  • Students will not be released to parents during a Code Yellow (lockdown) since AAG management will not open exterior doors during this time. Once law enforcement has established that the environment is safe and a Code Green (all clear), students will be released to parents/guardians.

  • Parents will not be permitted to pick up their children during a Code Red or Code Yellow (lockdown) until released by an administrator or law enforcement. This restricted access will be done only when absolutely necessary and with the best interest of the students and the staff in mind.

  • Certain emergency situations may require us to evacuate and leave the AAG’s facility. If this occurs, students, customers, spectators and staff will be directed to a neighboring business to reunite with parents. If an emergency reunification is necessary, parents will be notified of the location so they can come and pick up their child/ren.

  • During emergencies, students will only be released to authorized parents/guardians or to those who possess written permission from a parent or guardian.  Everyone picking up students will be required to present proper identification for students to be released.

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