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Mission of the Team Fundraising Committee

The mission of the Team Fundraising committee is to help create a supportive and fun team environment at All American Gymnastics through fundraising for the general Team Fund which assists monetarily with team events, post season regional and national competition expenses, equipment upgrades and other team related expenses that may arise.

2022-2023 Fundraising Plans & Finances

Fundraising Calendar

Fall 2022

Winter 2022-2023

Spring 2023

All American Gymnastics Apparel Sales (optional participation)

Imo's Fundraiser

Cardinals Calendars (optional participation)

Concession Stand at Winter Showcase (optional participation)

Team Lottery (main team fundraiser for 2022-2023)

  • Goal of $10,000

  • All JO & Xcel Team Gymnasts Required to Participate

  • Sparklers, Jr All Star & All Star Gymnasts Encourage to Participate

Concession Stand at Spring Showcase (optional participation)

QT Cards or Imo's Pizza (optional participation)

Raffle Theme Baskets (optional participation)

Additional Fundraising Ideas

  • Restaurant Nights-Chairperson Needed

  • Movie Night-Chairperson Needed

  • Pool Party-Chairperson Needed

  • Trunk or Treat-Fall 2023

Use of Funds

  • Regional Coaching Expenses for Level 6-9 & Upper Xcel

  • Year End Team Celebrations

    • Gymnasts and Coaches Cost​

    • Rental Fee & Decorations

  • 50% of State T-Shirts/Gift for All Gymnasts

  • AAG Water Bottles for All Gymnasts (amount: $707.85)

  • Coaches' Equipment Wishlist: Rod Floor

  • If Extra Funds:

    • 50% of gymnast entry fee for regionals and nationals​

    • Savings towards future competition floor purchase​

Current Total Expenses: $707.85 (as of 1/5/2023)

Funds Raised

Starting Balance as of 6/1/2022: $804.90

  • Apparel Store: $460.00

  • Imo's Fundraiser: $2319.08 (25% team participation)

  • Cardinals Calendars: $354.00 (7 families participated)

  • Concession Stand @ Winter Showcase: $254.00

  • Air Head Candy Sales on Class Concessions: $128 (ongoing)

  • Team Lottery: TBD

  • Concession Stand @ Spring Showcase: TBD

  • QT Cards or Imo's Pizza: TBD

  • Raffle Theme Baskets: TBD

Current Total Amount Raised: $3612.63 (as of 1/5/2023)

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