2018-2019 Season

Team Managers: Whitney Traeger and Dylan Karg

Xcel Bronze: Bev Steuhmer, Emmi Murphy, and Kenzie Haag

Level 2: Barb Bledsoe and Baylee Murray

Xcel Silver/Gold: Tina Dane, Lily Davis, and Kenzie Haag

Level 3: Barb Bledsoe, Whitney Traeger, and Lily Davis

Level 4/5: Whitney Traeger, Jeremy Tominia, and Barb Bledsoe

Xcel Platinum: Sarah Hladnick and Jeremy Tominia

Level 7-10:  Dylan Karg and Erin Paulus

2018-2019 Parent Level Reps

Level 2 - Coach Barb
Level 3 - Tyrani Metcalfe (Jayden's mom)
Level 4 - Michelle Mason (Jersey's mom)
Level 5 - Allison Barcz (Evelyn's mom)
Level 7 - Ginger Krueger (Emerie's mom)
Level 8-10 - Angela Sandler (Joie's mom)
Xcel Bronze - Coach Kenzie
Xcel Silver - Lizzie Berman (Sadie's mom)
Xcel Gold - Stacy Siwak (Molly's mom)
Upper Xcel Gold - Cheryl Banks (Angelika's mom)
Xcel Platinum - Marci Boyer (Ilana's mom)