General Meet Rules and Policies General Meet Participation Rules:

  • All team members are expected to attend all team meets unless it is an Xcel add-on meet or a onetime religious event (bat mitzvah, confirmation, first communion, etc.)
  • Please notify the front office by 9/1/2017 if your child will miss a meet due to such an event.
  • Gymnasts and parents do not decide which meets they would like to do and which they would not.
  • There is a possibility of meet sessions falling on school days. If this occurs, it does not excuse a gymnast from participation in the meet.
  • Suspension and/or expulsion from the team program may result if you choose to have your daughter not participate in a scheduled meet.
  • If the coaches feel that because of absences, the gymnast is not ready to safely compete, the coach has the option of removing her from the meet and there will not be any refunds.
  • If your daughter misses any practices the week prior to a meet, the gymnast may be scratched from the meet unless otherwise approved by her coach.
  • There may be times when an emergency occurs and a gymnast cannot attend a competition. Please keep in mind that the team equally shares all of our competition fees. If a gymnast cannot attend after all entry fees have been paid and travel arrangements/coaching assignments have been made, the gymnast will still be expected to pay her share of that meet’s fees.
  • We do understand that travel can be expensive. This is why we try to release our team meet schedule as far in advance as possible.
  • We also understand that there may be times when parents cannot attend every meet, but please keep in mind that our competition policy is for the gymnasts only, not the parents.

Day of Competition Rules—Gymnasts & Parents:

  • The gymnasts must be able to perform the skills in their routines safely and by themselves in practice in order to compete in the meet. Only safety-spotting, on certain skills, will be allowed at meets.
  • The coach will determine if your child is eligible to compete based on the guidelines of USAG & AAG.
  • Gymnasts are expected to attend all meets for which they are eligible. The gymnast will also be expected to attend the meet with her teammates even if they are not competing (if it is local). We are a team and the support of the girls for each other is important.
  • Gymnasts are expected to meet their coach at the set time prepared to compete - properly fed, hair done, wearing the appropriate uniform with their gym bag, including the appropriate equipment - grips, wristbands, tape, etc.
  • If a gymnast is consistently late for meets, it is the coach's discretion to scratch the gymnast.
  • Gymnasts become the responsibility of the coach once their session begins and will return to their parents at the conclusion of the awards ceremony when their coach dismisses them.
  • Please save all communications with the gymnast and the coach until the meet is concluded.
  • If a gymnast is disrupted during a meet, it could result in the individual gymnast or the team receiving a deduction or the gymnast being removed from the meet.
  • Gymnasts are expected to behave in a positive manner during competition. These expectations will be discussed in detail with the gymnasts beforehand. This includes: support of teammates; attitude toward other gymnasts, coaches, and judges at the meet; personal attitude; behavior during awards and while on the awards stand.
  • Parents may not speak to a meet director or judge at any time.
  • Please discuss any concerns with your child’s coach after the meet has concluded.
  • Parents are not allowed on the competition floor at any time (this is a USAG policy that could result in the entire team being disqualified).
  • Parents are representing AAG at the meets just as much as the coaches and gymnasts. Please be supportive of each other and the whole team.
  • Negative communication about other gymnasts, coaches, clubs, or judges is not permitted.
  • Show enthusiasm, team spirit, and a positive approach to the competition. If this cannot occur, you will be asked to stop attending meets.

Meet Schedules:

  • Time schedules for meets are unfortunately always TENTATIVE and LATE. USA Gymnastics requires the hosting team to provide the time schedule to gyms participating in the meet at least 10 days in advance of the scheduled date, but it could be as late as only those 10 days.
  • Please keep in mind that time schedules are subject to change depending on deadlines for entries, late entries, or teams dropping out.
  • PLEASE understand that the hosting teams DO NOT WELCOME calls from parents asking for the meet schedule.
  • We will provide you with the time schedules, maps, directions, and any information made available to AAG as soon as we receive it.
  • If it is within two weeks of the meet date and you have not received the meet schedule, please call our front office. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL THE HOSTING TEAM!

Away Meets:

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the coaches of the following information:
    • When you are arriving for the meet.
    • The hotel where you are staying.
    • A cell number to reach you.
    • All activities prior to each competition, such as eating, curfew, recreation, etc., will be regulated by the coaches.
    • There will be no swimming the night before or the day of the meet.
    • On occasion, parents may be asked to help with transporting gymnasts to a competition and supervising them while they are there.

Host Hotel & Travel Information:

  • As information becomes available, it will be posted on the team website and emailed to parents.
  • Each family is responsible for making their own hotel and travel arrangements.