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Support participation of competitive gymnastics and help make gymnastics more affordable and accessible for ALL through fundraising and direct donations to the All American Gymnastics Foundation, INC, a non for profit 501(c)(3).


  • Support the participation of competitive gymnastics, assist with funding post season competition and equipment upgrades.
  • Establishing scholarships and tuition assistance for the recreational level participation through competitive team.
  • Making All American Gymnastics completely ADA in order to provide opportunities for all children to participate in AAG’s programs. This includes raising funds to make an accessible entrance into the facility.

2018-2019 Fundraising Sponsered by the All American Gymnastics Foundation, INC

Handprint Fundraiser-$9,878.36
Penny Wars-$1,264.85
CPK Restaurant Night-$184.53
Froyo Fundraiser-$220.00
Total Amount Raised as of 5/30/19: $11,547.74

2018-2019 Post Season Expenses
Level 8-10 Entries: $375.00
Xcel-Gold Entries: $450.00
Xcel-Platinum Entries: $375.00
Level 8-10 Regional Travel & Coaching Expense: $2274.70
Xcel Regional Travel & Coaching Expense: $1784.50
Senior Gifts-$398.00
Equipment Purchases; $7721.00
Total Expenses as of 05/30/19: $13,378.20

Interim Board of Directors
Mike Darling
Emily Gibson
Sarah Butler

2019-2020 Proposed Board of Directors
John Schneider
Sue Renshaw
Mike Darling
Mike Harmon
Cheryl Roberts

Upcoming Events and Proposed Events
Restaurant Night
Waterway Fundraiser
Penny Wars
Banner & Community Partnership Program
2020 Spring Mouse Races
St Louis Cardinals Game

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Train Like a Ninja, Become an All American Super Ninja!

The class will focus on conditioning and agility training with the use of "Ninja Warrior" style Obstacle Courses, Flips, Runs and Spins, Vaults, Beam Jumps, Rope Swing, Rings, Falls, and Trampoline. All done with proper progression and matting.​

Current obstacles and speciality equipment:

  • 12. 9, 6 foot warped wall
  • agility ladder
  • ring challenge
  • horizontal climbing wall
  • monkey bar-stair challenge
  • slack line
  • hanging slack line
  • 4 obstacle hanging challenge
  • climbing rope
  • slanted steps
  • cargo net
  • ninja obstacle challenge